Clinical Services

I am a Psychotherapist, Complex Trauma Specialist and EMDR certified Consultant & Therapist.


I am a psychotherapist, complex trauma specialist and EMDRIA approved consultant with multiple advanced trainings in trauma informed care. I strive to provide clients with the best possible psychological care through understanding each person in the context of their own unique culture, values and life experiences. I use multiple integrative healing techniques based on the client’s individual needs.

Furthermore, my doctoral research at NYU has enriched my understanding of attachment injury acquired through adverse childhood events and the treatment of complex layered trauma in adulthood. Clients are guided in a journey of self-exploration with a focus on achieving positive and meaningful change in their lives.

I help clients realize not only their goals but their potential to live life more fully. Clients are encouraged to gain a better understanding of their subconscious drives and motives.Ultimately, we work together in striving to enhance self awareness and to promote both self exploration and personal growth. Modalities used include: EMDR, IFS, TF-CBT and Advanced Breathwork Techniques.

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Intensive Therapy

This intensive therapy experience is designed for those that want to accelerate recovery in their relationships and personal wellbeing. Clients have flown in from around the world to benefit from this unique healing experience which can be adapted to individuals, couples or family therapy (adult child and parent). This experience enables you to process the pain of the past as you strive towards posttraumatic growth and healing. This special experience has been used as a gateway to healing by those impacted by:

  • Relational Trauma
  • Infidelity
  • Individuals looking to understand the origin of their dysfunctional behavior
  • The wounds of complex trauma in childhood

This Three-Ten Day intensive covers six months of therapy in a compressed period of time, allowing for optimized healing in a productive and efficient time frame. This compressed therapy program is unique in that you will be the only individual/couple at the intensive.  Everything will be tailored to your specific situation and personal preferences.  This intensive therapy experience incorporates a personalized blend of: EMDR,Mind-Body Techniques, Ego State Work, Trauma-Focused Cognitive BehavioralTherapy and attachment based therapy.

If you would like to apply to be considered for this service please email to arrange a complementary phone consult.

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