Complex Trauma Course

Designed to provide therapists with simple but effective strategies to understand, treat and heal complex trauma.

"In our profession, we are deeply privileged to witness so many people’s healing journeys. Trauma Healer’s Circle is an online training program hosted by Dr. Gillian O’SheaBrown. Designed to provide therapists with simple but effective strategies to understand, treat and heal complex trauma."

Complex trauma is pervasive in our society; it changes the way an individual perceives both themselves and others, in addition to adversely impacting how safe and secure one feels in navigating the world around them. Therefore, healing complex trauma can prove to be a challenging and complicated process. After many years of walking on eggshells, the silence and secrecy can grow familiar. Survivors may surmise that others will not understand or may unfairly pass judgement or blame regarding their trauma history. This course was designed to show you effective and simple strategies to establishing a safe and trusting clinical alliance in addition to interweaving healing techniques to compassionately witness, treat and heal the survivor. 

In 2021 I released my first book, Healing Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Clinician’s Guide, and which was subsequently transformed into a course at New York University to introduce future clinicians to the treatment of Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (“CPTSD”). CPTSD is a new diagnosis in the International Classification of Diseases, 11th revision; endorsement of CPTSD began in January 2022. To prepare therapists, I provide guidance on how to identify, treat and heal complex trauma and due to popular demand, I have decided to offer the course in a more open and inclusive platform.

This course educates clinicians on how to assess, diagnose, treat and heal trauma survivors whilst also introducing them to the many different avenues they can go down in becoming certified in the evidence based healing modalities. Many trauma survivors live with a fear of emotional intimacy and learning the art of compassionate witnessing and Socratic questioning is key to peeling back the layers of self-discovery.

This course will teach strategies to assist you in identifying and understanding where core negative beliefs come from, by showing you ways of guide your client toward the painful childhood experiences which underpin them. In the words of Freud, the unexamined history is doomed for repetition, doing this work in an evidence based and compassionate creates a roadmap for healing, growth and fulfillment.

As the trauma healer, it can be challenging to work with individuals who feel disconnected from themselves and others. For this reason, careful attention is paid to earning and keeping the trust of the survivors so that they can become more themselves.