Trauma Informed Workshops

Cultivate Creativity, Connection, and Optimal Productivity

A trauma-informed workplace recognizes trauma at both individual and organizational levels. Complex relational trauma in the workplace stifles lateral thinking, creativity and productivity. According to MIT Sloan’s recent study, toxic work culture is the number-one reason for loss of talent in the workplace. The great resignation is often a response to feeling disconnected, unsafe and unsupported in an unhealthy corporate ecosystem. And ‘quiet quitting’ is no longer a fad, but a very real response to feeling trapped and demoralized. Most businesses have a plan to manage issues that negatively impact their team members as they arise. However, rather than just being reactive, businesses should proactively build psychological and emotional preparedness to create a trauma informed workplace.

“The feeling of walking on eggshells stifles creativity, playfulness and our ability to connect in a meaningful way with our work and the people around us”

Compassionate leaders prioritize purpose, meaning and growth. To cultivate happy fulfilled team members there needs to be a solid company culture and a shared vision of purpose. Tension and hypervigilance hampers our capacity to meet our full potential. The feeling of walking on eggshells stifles creativity, playfulness and our ability to connect in a meaningful way with our work and people around us. For these reasons, it is critical that employers create a trauma-informed workplace which includes a self-defined balance of wellness habits and a strengthened understanding of how trauma impacts our relationships with ourselves and others.

This 1 day workshop consists of interactive and reflective exercises to help you define your emotional map and recognize how this impacts your purpose and values. From here we will assess how this aligns with the business’s values. This workshop incorporates a blend of psychoeducation, psychosomatic techniques and roleplaying to equip you with skills to approach delicate situations in the workplace using the art of compassionate inquiry to create safe spaces. Active listening, non violent communication and humanistic values will be sown into the fabric of your company culture in order to create a sense of shared ownership where individuals can feel motivated to cultivate connection and come to work in a safe and more enriching environment.

  • The Bite that Fits the Wound: What is Complex Trauma and What Triggers it the Workplace?
  • Communication Deviance and Somatic Resonance
  • Trauma Leaves behind Clues: How We Respond to Relational Trauma
  • The Art of Compassionate Witnessing: How to Cultivate Creativity, Connection and Productivity
  •  Assessing the Workforce Health
  • Becoming a Trauma-informed Workplace & Preparing for the Future
  • Fostering Resilience & Self-defined Wellness Rituals